MortgageReady is a service owned, operated, and underwritten by pāyZero® Inc., DBA pāyZero® Financial was founded in 2018 by Financial Counselors to do our part in helping hard-working Americans save, and afford financial freedom by introducing Bill-Tycoon™, our software platform based on our Cash-Flow Allocation and Shorting online banking strategy. Our team utilizes local expertise, combined with global experience to offer our customers a range of highly profitable financial opportunities.

Our work won’t “save the world” but we do change many people’s lives for the better on a daily basis and that means a lot to us. Our expectations are definitely high.

You could say that we’re a bunch of financial technologists, money management experts, and customer service fanatics (you’d be right), but we’re more than that – PĀYZERO® is a team. We come from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences to create something new: A better way to save.

What We Offer?

We came from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences to create something new:
Bill-Tycoon™. “Get Rich Paying The Same Bills You Already Pay”.

Whatever you are saving for…. debt relief, a new mortgage, wedding, vacation, retirement, new vehicle, business startup, investing, etc., a PFA will get you there waaay faster than saving alone.

So, we still have a long way to go as a company and team but we’re growing fast, seeing real impacts, and heading for our finish line.

On A Mission...

We aren’t satisfied with business-as-usual financial services because we’ve been on the inside and seen countless ways to make you rich. That’s why PĀYZERO® is leading the way to more transparent, fair, accessible, and friendly financial solutions for all (it also feels great to help people save money).

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“I loved the customer service you guys provided me. You were very nice and patient with the questions I had. I love using float to pay my student loan”

Donyel J. Grier

Paid off Student Loans

“I had a good experience with pāyZero®. Not only did you help us with our Investments, but I now generate enough float money to pay my entire auto loan and some.”

Mary O. Randle

Invests in Crypto Currency

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